Translation Services

Basic translation

Our translations are meticulously performed by a professional translator and proofread by the same person. A basic translation is suitable for documents such as internal company communication.

We offer basic translations between Finnish, English, PolishGerman, and Swedish.

Reviewed translation

A reviewed translation is a basic translation that is proofread and reviewed by another translator. This process minimises the number of linguistic and factual errors in the translation. A reviewed translation is recommended when you need excellent quality; for example, when the text is going to be published.

We offer reviewed translations for the same languages as we do basic translations.

Authorised translation

An authorised translation is a legally valid translation that is made and affirmed by an authorised translator. Typical examples of authorised translations include bank security certificates, marriage certificates and educational diplomas.

We currently offer authorised translations only in relation to Polish, i.e. in the following language pairs: Polish–Finnish, Finnish–Polish, Polish–English and English–Polish.

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